Follow the growth of the baby

in real-size, for forty weeks

Mother looks to the calendar with her daughter

Fetal development week by week on a 1:1 scale

The measurements in each work of art are based on research by medical professionals.

A new illustration every week for forty weeks

Each poster has a unique hand-drawn print and timeless typography to indicate the weeks. Forty classic and timeless illustrations portraying the unborn baby.

week 34 of the pregnancy
mommy showing next week of the Nine Months Calendar

High quality art prints in a hand-made frame

The illustrations are printed on high quality paper and the oak-wood frames are handmade in the Netherlands.

week 15 of the pregnancy

The calendar

A full-sized pregnancy calendar. No more week-by-week fruit and veggie comparisons. The Nine Months Calendar shows the actual size and form of the baby in the belly every week.

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